Skara is a locality and the seat of Skara Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden with 18,580 inhabitants in 2013. Despite its small size, it is one of the oldest cities in Sweden, and has a long educational and ecclesiastical history. One of Sweden’s oldest high schools, Katedralskolan (cathedral school), is situated in is located by the E20 motorway, about 130km northeast of Gothenburg, in the centre of Västergötland.ClimateSkara had a humid continental climate for the reference period of 1961–1990, but has since more resembled an oceanic climate, heavily influenced by maritime moderation in spite of its inland position. Its proximity to Kattegat and lake Vänern contributes to summers being slightly cooler than areas to the north-east, and winter temperatures mostly hover around the freezing to local legend, Skara was founded in AD 988, making it one of the oldest cities of Sweden. It was one of only two cities in what was to become Västergötland, the other being Lödöse. Skara was the location for the regional assembly, the Thing of all Geats. | Kontakta | Privacy | Terms