BforB Northwest Denton – 07721 583747

BforB Northwest Denton – 07721 583747

If you are interested in attending speak to Mike Masterson your Local Director on 07721 583747 or Carolyn or Tony in the office.

BforB Denton

BforB Denton meets at 9:45am to 11:15am and has been set up for business professionals that are unable to make early morning meetings. This group is in its set up phase at the moment and we are looking for the following business sectors:

  • Financial advisor: Person who advises and guides their clients on financial issues in exchange for compensation. Financial Advisors provide different types of services such as investment management, tax preparation or asset management.
  • Mortgage Broker: The mortgage broker is a professional who is in charge of finding the best mortgages and negotiating preferential conditions with the bank, adjusting to the profile of each client.
  • Solicitor
  • Web designer: A web designer is a professional who is in charge of creating and designing websites of different types: pages, blogs, landing pages or online stores.
  • Graphic Designer: A graphic designer conveys the goals and objectives of a business through visual elements. Graphic designers are the leaders in demand in the design job market.
  • Partner
  • Insurance Broker: An Insurance Broker is that independent person who, in exchange for remuneration, acts as an insurance mediator.
  • IT Consultant: A TI consultant is responsible for advising clients in the development and implementation of technologies and tools for business development.
  • Business Coach: A business coach, business coach, executive coach or business coach is a professional who helps companies manage their businesses more effectively without losing sight of their objectives, vision and mission.
  • Courier

Scheduled session times

BforB Northwest Denton is located next to the Golf Club, it is easy to recognize as it is one of the best parkland golf courses in Manchester and the North West of England. The meetings are held on Tuesdays of every 2 weeks, and last for 1 hour and a half, from 3:45 to 5:15, giving a total of 25 weeks for the year 2020.

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