Working abroad Q&A by Amaris, Amaris office, onsdag, 09. oktober 2019

For this first event by Amaris, we wanted to help engineers wondering about international career and what moving abroad mean.
As we want this to be as useful for you as possible, we will have 2 of our employees describing their vision and experience of international mobility
And the rest of the event will be focusing entirely on answering your question with all our team :)

You consider international mobility right now, or just getting info for the futur. Come and share with us !

If you're looking for opportunity here or aborad think to bring a cv or to apply at

onsdag, 09. oktober 2019, Amaris office, Working abroad Q&A by Amaris

Träffa Rotary på båtmässan

Träffa Rotary på båtmässan

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