WomenHack - Stockholm Employer Ticket September 24th, 2020, Looking for a great company to host this event! email lisa@womenhack.com, torsdag, 24. september 2020

WomenHack is a community that empowers women in tech through events, jobs, and reviews. We aim to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace for all. Our diversity recruiting events target some of the most talented women in tech which include software developers, designers, and product talent. 

Our events are kicked off with diversity talks, followed by 5-minute rapid interviews to keep things engaging and fun. It will be a casual evening that allows for maximum ****-to-**** exposure and interaction with everyone in the room. Get to know who you are talking to by going through the list of candidates who have signed up for the event a day before.
We invite you to join us in working towards the vision of equalizing the playing field in the tech industry while building mutually benefitting from an inclusive team.

(Not an employer?)
• Showcase your company’s support and commitment to diversity and inclusion• Get the word out about your brand, technologies, and projects to the widest pool of candidates• Build strong and diverse teams without sacrificing quality and start the hiring relationship early • Get in front of handpicked female technical talents and hire women who are amazing at their jobs
How do you ensure quality?Our events are invite-only for candidates, so that ensures that almost everyone has a solid work history or background. Technical talents such as developers, designers, and PMs are invited according to their expertise.
What should I bring?You’d want to share more about your technologies and projects with potential candidates, so bringing your laptop would be a good idea. We also recommend bringing banners, marketing materials, and swag for this event. A printout of the list of candidates attending this event might also be useful for recruitment purposes. 
I’m not a woman, can I attend?Of course! Our event promotes gender equality and inclusiveness in the workplace and supporters of this are always welcome.
Can I bring multiple people?Absolutely, but you will need to buy an additional ticket for each person attending. We highly recommend having multiple people present to be able to work the room.
Do you collect a recruiting fee?We don’t ever take a fee outside of the ticket price.
Can I hold a private event for my company only?We have worked with multiple industry players to reach their diversity hiring goals internally. Email lisa@womenhack.com for more information regarding private events. 

WomenHack Host and Sponsors: 

Questions? Email us at lisa@womenhack.com
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torsdag, 24. september 2020, Looking for a great company to host this event! email lisa@womenhack.com, WomenHack - Stockholm Employer Ticket September 24th, 2020

Stockholm 2021

Stockholm 2021

onsdag 15. september 2021
جاي ع بالي ^_^

جاي ع بالي ^_^

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Team fiskFUCK
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Jimmy "42" Anderssons 42års-skiva
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