Webinar: The New Employee Experience, Online - Link will be sent to you via Email, onsdag, 29. maj 2019

How do you create a positive overall experience for employees in this digital era, and why is it important?
The employee experience starts from the moment a potential candidate searches for a new opportunity. Recent digital developments have created entirely new expectations on how today's employers attract new talent and keep existing employees updated and motivated. There are also more opportunities to share experiences, both positive and negative, publicly than ever before.
Benifys Ylva Eriksson shares insightful tips to help you create a better Employee Experience for your employees. Listen online and post your questions live in the chat.
When? May 29 at. 8.30 - 9.15
Where? Online - you will receive the link via email after notification

onsdag, 29. maj 2019, Online - Link will be sent to you via Email, Webinar: The New Employee Experience

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