Swedish Open Kyokushin Karate Knock Down Tournament, Prioritet Serneke Arena, lördag, 26. september 2020

Welcome to the 8th Swedish Open Kyokushin Karate Knock Down Tournament 2020!
Watch 16 fighters in each category fighting for the title: Men –70kg,  Men –80kg , Men +80kg, Women –65 kg, women +65kg 
You get access to a full day of fighting:
10:00 Tournament starts, first rounds12:00 Possible Lunch Break12:30 Performance by karate kids, featuring the Kyokushin karate clubs in the Gothenburg area.13:00 March in all competitors and referees13:10 Taiko drumming13:15 Demonstration of Rules13:20 Tamashiwari13:50 Semifinals and finals 15 fights16:00 Price ceremony
This year Swedish Open will take place at Prioritet Serneke´s Arena. 
This is a live event. Make sure to buy your ticket online and save money. A limited number of early bird tickets are available from Dec 1, 2019, until Jun 30, 2020 (or as long as they last).Ticket price at the door is 290 kr (145 kr for children).
In the evening there is a sayonara party for adults with buffé and mingle. Please join us. (Children supervised by their parents are also welcome) Sayonara tickets also available here at Eventbrite.

lördag, 26. september 2020, Prioritet Serneke Arena, Swedish Open Kyokushin Karate Knock Down Tournament

Medlemskap (kalenderår)

Medlemskap (kalenderår)

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