Stress to Strong, Steam Hotel, måndag, 28. oktober 2019

Stress to Strong - A Balancing of Work & Life
Meir Ezra + Rae Indigo2 hours

You don’t have to be stressed. Knowledge gives talk handles the hidden fears of people. It releases people from their doubts and limitations.  It brings about an ability to stop stress at the source and experience life from clarity and control.
People have many personalities that they use to hide and not confront life. When you are you, and not trying to be someone else, everything you touch becomes graceful with a quality of harmony and balance. 
In this seminar you will learn one of the preliminary disciplines of Causative Meditation which harmonizes work and life, and gives you control over stress. Hitting the wall from stress is awful and can be avoided. Once you have knowledge, you can control that area of life. When you understand the hidden why that creates stress you will be able to chose to create wellbeing. As a result of this understanding and a bit of practice, you will be able to balance work and personal life with clarity and ease.

måndag, 28. oktober 2019, Steam Hotel, Stress to Strong

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