19. september 2020 - 8:00
Coastal Yoga Sweden
SwedenVarbergBreareds Torg (Marmorgatan)

Reiki Level One Training, Coastal Yoga Sweden, lördag, 19. september 2020


An intelligent and balancing energy that heals on all levels: the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

Anyone can learn Reiki! You will receive the level one Reiki attunements which are a wonderful gift you will have for a lifetime!

This is a fantastic tool for anyone who is interested in or is already involved in some sort of healing work. It is also a great tool for anyone who has contact with people: doctors, nurses, teachers, yoga instructors, friends and family.

As a Reiki Master it is my intention to continue to share the knowledge of natural healing with all who feel the desire to learn.

My courses are a combination of lecture, discussion, hands on practice and home review.


+ the Reiki History

+ the Reiki Principles

+ the hand placements for treating yourself and others

+ the basics of healing work

I have split this Reiki training into two days because I truly feel it is beneficial to have a proper break or a nights sleep to digest the information. It is important to understand what you are feeling with the energy and to promote your own self healing.


+ some snacks and herbal teas (because of the current regulations, I will have some snacks, but it is highly recommended that you bring your own lunch)

+ materials and resources of information on Reiki

+ Reiki Level One attunement

+ Reiki Diploma

+ Individual follow-up 1 month after course is finished

+ Access to private Facebook group full of resources including articles, book recommendations, a place to ask each other for healing sessions, and conversation


If you've never had a reiki session before, it is mandatory to have one prior to Reiki training. If you don’t know of a practitioner near you, simply reach out! I will happily help you find someone.


You will be gifted a follow up check-in starting a week after your training. This is a chance for us to check in and see if you have any lingering questions, comments, or observations you’d like to share from your Reiki sessions since class.

I will also invite you to a private Facebook community where all my students have gathered as a place to share insight, books, articles, reflections and so on.

DATES : September 19 : 10:00 - 16:00

September 20 : 10:00 - 16:00

WHERE : Coastal Yoga, Marmorgatan 3, Varberg, Sweden

SELF INVESTMENT : 4100 sek (includes VAT)

REGISTER : email Michelle at email

PLEASE NOTE : minimum of 5 students, maximum of 8

CANCELLATION POLICY : please see ticket booking link

lördag, 19. september 2020, Coastal Yoga Sweden, Reiki Level One Training

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