Reduce Stress with Healthy Habits, Helsingborgs Kroppsterapi, tisdag, 15. oktober 2019

During the evening you will find out how you can reduce stress and support your circadian rhythm by learning about what kind of foods and supplements to use and how to create a healthy sleeping pattern for a positive effect on your overall health. 
We will talk about the positive and negative effects that stress can have on our body and mind and how to make the changes we need. 
You will be introduced to different useful tools to manage your stress levels – from breathing exercises to food recommendations and supplements that can support you, to healthy routines and sleeping patterns you can create for yourself. With only a small effort you can create more balance!  
You are welcome to Patricia’s studio in central Helsingborg. 
Maximum number of attendees for this event: 25 
Patricia Bohlen came to Sweden as an expat almost 10 years ago. She changed her profession completely from being a busy fabric researcher in the fashion industry in Asia to osteopath, yoga teacher and nutrition coach. 
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tisdag, 15. oktober 2019, Helsingborgs Kroppsterapi, Reduce Stress with Healthy Habits

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