Raw Vegan (un)Cooking Course, Bliss Cafe, fredag, 25. oktober 2019

Welcome to this course where you will learn how to prepare delicious raw food, in a simple and easy way. Raw food provides more nutrition and energy. It helps to preserve maximum vitamins, minerals and enzymes from being altered by the heat of cooking. It also preserves the life of food enhancing our own life force and making us feel more energized. Led by Shantimaya, author of the two books Kitchen of Love and Fully Rawsome and founder of Bliss Cafe. w dishes. All prepared dishes will be served and enjoyed over the session! So come with an empty stomach and bring your best appetite!Price: 650 kr (purchased online)Limited space! Booking in advance is welcome ♥

fredag, 25. oktober 2019, Bliss Cafe, Raw Vegan (un)Cooking Course

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