National Museum | Treasures at your fingertips, National Museum, torsdag, 10. oktober 2019

LPS Club invites you to visit the National Museum with its fantastic guide Dr Helena Kåberg, Senior Curator at the Museum as well as Associate Professor at the Department of Art History, Uppsala University. Helena is a fantastic guide, the attendees of the first visit to the museum will agree with us. The passion and love for the art, her job, and the museum are clear when Helena talks about the pieces of the exhibition or the museum. This time Helena agreed to present the treasures of the National Museum to us. Join us and you will see the exhibition in a completely different light – every piece of art you will remember with deep insight and interesting - 150 SEK; guests - 220 SEK Registration: until 7th October. Note: Your place will be guaranteed if the payment is received by 8th of places: max 25 people 
(c) Picture courtesy of Sveriges Radio.

torsdag, 10. oktober 2019, National Museum, National Museum | Treasures at your fingertips

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