MOBILE HEIGHTS TOPPENMORGON - V2X - the Key to Future Transportation, MEC - Media Evolution City, torsdag, 17. oktober 2019

OCT 17 - MOBILE HEIGHTS TOPPENMORGON - V2X - the Key to Future Transportation
New radio technologies will have a profound impact on future mobility. The deployment of self-driving vehicles will be dependent on reliable radio communication between lorries, cars, bicycles and pedestrians, as well as the surrounding infrastructure.
Furthermore, precise positioning technologies based on cellular radio, and new, groundbreaking methods will be crucial for future mobility solutions.
Are you interested in listening to leading researchers and companies, who will present the current state of the industry, and provide a peek into the future for mobility-enabling communication and positioning technologies?
Please join us at the MOBILE HEIGHTS TOPPENMORGON - V2X in Malmö on October 17!
During the morning seminar, you will hear from Pär-Olof Johannesson at TerraNet, Dr. Chafik Driouichi from u-blox and Prof. Fredrik Tufvesson from Lund University.
Exciting, right?
Welcome to MEC - Media Evolution City in Malmö, where we will start the morning with a nice breakfast mingle at 8.30! We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Please register above under ”Tickets” no later than October 14 at 17.00!
Welcome!/your friends at Mobile Heights_________________________________________
MOBILE HEIGHTSMolly Löfqvist (Head of Communications) and Ola Svedin (CEO)”Welcome!”TERRANETPär-Olof Johannesson (CEO)”Mobile to mobility - a paradigm shift”
U-BLOX Dr. Chafik Driouichi (Senior Product Manager)”Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication: A technology for saving lives today”
LUND UNIVERSITYProf. Fredrik Tufvesson (Prof at the Dept. of Electrical and Information Technology) ”Cooperative vehicular communication and positioning in a 5G era”10.00 END + MORE MINGLE
11.00 WE CLOSE THE DOORS________________________________________
REGISTRATIONPlease register above under "TICKETS" no later than October 14.
NON-MEMBERS: SEK 500 + VAT and fees
Not sure you are a member of Mobile Heights? Check out our members list!
If you have registered, but are not able to attend, please do not forget to cancel your registration, by sending an e-mail to info@ will be charged with SEK 300.__________________________________________
QUESTIONS?Please contactMolly Lö

torsdag, 17. oktober 2019, MEC - Media Evolution City, MOBILE HEIGHTS TOPPENMORGON - V2X - the Key to Future Transportation

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Do you feel burned out?

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