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Finding Seong Suk Byun, Sverige, onsdag, 01. januari 2020

My name is Peter Afzelius and I was born in South Korea 11th of April 1986.

My birth name is Myung Gil Byun that was given to me by sws social worker.

I am in search for my birth mother, I have been in contact with a government in both South Korea and Sweden but they could not find any information.
A year ago I applied to ”Spårlöst” a Swedish tv show that help adopted children to find their parents, unfortunately they were not able to help me.

After that I gave up hope. But after hearing stories about people in search for one another thru Facebook, I thought give it one last go.

Ever since I was a little child I have felt lost and that something was missing, and my main goal was trying to find her, therefor this feels a little like my last chance ever finding her or any other relatives.

Background history about my adoption.
My birth mother and birth father came from different classes in the society. My mothers parents made her to choose between him or her family.

She chose him and moved to Seoul, about four months before I was born my father died in a car accident and that forced my mother to give me away for adoption.

All information I have is down below.

Place of birth: Kim Seong Ja Gyn. & Obs at Sangbong-Dong Tongdaemun-gu, Seoul

My mothers name is Seong Suk Byun
And she was born in Cgungcheongnam-do.
She was 25 the year I was born which means that she now is turning 57

My fathers name was Soo Gon OK

Please share this so I can have a chance getting in contact with her or anyone else.

onsdag, 01. januari 2020, Sverige, Finding Seong Suk Byun

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