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Dear friends,

the EDE Ängsbacka has been moved to a warmer time of the year:) As soon as we have the exact new dates sorted, we will publish them here and also keep you updated with any other news. If you would like to receive the news by emails, please pm us and we´ll add you to the mailing list. Stay tuned <3


We warmly invite you to join us for 31 days of cocreating a vibrant learning community, diving deep into community-based tools for regeneration, and designing projects for both personal and planetary transformation!

The 2018 Ängsbacka Ecovillage Design Education is an experiential training in community design, whole-systems thinking and holistic solutions for social, cultural, economic and ecological regeneration. It takes place at Ängsbacka course centre and community in Sweden, and is certified by both Gaia Education and the Global Ecovillage Network.

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What if...

What if we approach today’s challenges as opportunities to unleash our creativity in designing regenerative solutions for ourselves, our communities and the planet?

How can we come together to empower each other, take action, and multiply our positive impact in the world?

How can we cocreate just, peaceful, caring and dynamic local communities that actively regenerate the world within and around us?

These are questions that Ecovillages all over the world have been exploring for decades – and not just in theory, but through living. An ecovillage is a rural or urban community using participatory design to regenerate social, cultural, economic and ecological systems. They exist all over the world, linked by a belief in the power of community to create personal, social and planetary thriving.

The Ecovillage Design Education at Ängsbacka is an opportunity to learn about, experience and apply the innovations, tools and solutions of these lived experiments to what you want to create in the world – be it a community, a project, an organisation, or a more sustainable personal life.

- Grow and communicate your ideas for the future – and turn them into new possibilities and projects
- Learn, experience and apply tools for community-building and collaboration
- Be inspired and resourced by existing solutions and decades of innovation and experience in ecovillages, communities and urban transition settings worldwide
- Develop your own regenerative project, or cocreate someone else’s, using participatory methods and whole systems design
- Be supported by experienced experts in the fields of social, cultural, ecological and economic regeneration, ecovillage living and community design
- Learn, play and explore together with an international group of engaged people for a full month of community living, mutual support and cocreation
- Get access to a growing network of changemakers, ecovillages, communities and activists worldwide
- Organise EDE courses yourself by becoming a certified EDE designer by Gaia Education and receiving the UNESCO Global Action Programme on ESDContributor Seal (Subject to Certification by Gaia Education).

We offer the training at a sliding scale price – please decide based on your current financial means and capacity to contribute.

Included in your price is accommodation for 4,5 weeks (31 days) in shared rooms, all meals, excursions and materials used during the training:

EARLY BIRD if you book before Oct 22 2017 – 1500 SEK discount

Low income fee: 23.500 SEK (aprox. 2.450€)

Regular fee: 29.500 SEK (approx. 3.000€)

Support fee: 33.500 SEK (approx. 3.450€)

Bed in 4-6 bed room INCLUDED
Bed in double room 2500 SEK extra
Bed in single room 5500 SEK extra

Your fees help cover Ängsbacka’s costs for food and infrastructure as well as fair payment to the trainers and facilitators who will join you. If you pay the support fee, you also make it possible for more people on low or no income to attend.

We are looking at external funding possibilities and hope to be able to offer bursaries soon.

We also encourage you to act and are happy to support you in setting up your very own crowdfunding page. Have a look at for inspiration. You will find many examples of people successfully raising the funds needed to attend the training course of their dreams. You can make it happen too!

To secure your place, you will be asked to pay the registration fee of 3000 SEK when booking, and the remaining amount by 15 December 2017.


"Be the Change You wanna see in the World"!

fredag, 17. maj 2019, Sverige, Ecovillage Design Education - EDE Sweden 2019

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