Conscious Ways to Connect, Ekskaret Klustret, fredag, 13. december 2019

On the night of St. Lucia we invite you to come celebrate life. Winter has come, nights are getting colder so come and warm your hearts and discover the 10 principles of conscious ways to connect to build tribe, presence, and purpose. 
Join us for a playful evening exploring simple human interaction in a safe and loving environment. You will learn the joys of slowing things down and coming into presence through breath, sound, and movement. This is a magical invitation to explore your inner universe and meet like-minded fun and juicy individuals coming together in dance, celebration, and joy.  We will use simple tools to dive deep into our fears, passions and limited beliefs, reprogramming our neurological pathways to awaken our full potential. This results in deeper self-love, more authentic relationships with yourself and others and more productivity in the workplace.    
Are you ready to live a juicier, sexier life?
Personal development doesn't have to be so serious! 
Are you ready to evolve together? 
Our mission is to find world peace through intimacy. So there’s no more blaming and shaming between men and women ( and everyone in between ) but transparent communication, authenticity, shared vulnerability and co-creation. 
The event is open for all identities, colors, genders, abilities, types and orientations. We welcome singles and partnered people with open hearts. No previous experience necessary. 
With conscious ways to connect we believe we can cure all addiction with connection. 
We can overcome depression, anxiety and stress by becoming present.
And heal loneliness by finding the one. Ourselves. 
“The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety. It’s connection.” ― Johann Hari
THE FLOW FOR THIS 2.5 HOUR WORKSHOP 19.00 // Opening Circle & Games19:30 // Conscious Ways to Connect Workshop:Breath-Work // Music // MovementSomatic Awareness // Dance // MeditationConnection Games & Much More... 21.00 // Chill & Chitchat 21.30 // Workshop Closes --------------------------------------------------------------
BUY YOUR TICKET HERE It is highly recommended you buy your tickets in advance. If you have trouble buying a ticket via Paypal please contact Shaft.If you want to come, but can't afford, you are welcome to pay what you can. Please e-mail Shaft // the_uddin@ may be possible at the door if there is of 60 be on time. Door closes at 19.00 SHARP!THIS IS A TASTER FOR THE 10 WEEK PROGRAM //The 10 Principles to Conscious Ways to Connect starting Jan 2020.
VENUE LOCATIONEkskäret Klustret, Birger Jarlsgatan 58 114 29 Stockholmhttps://


ABOUT YOUR FACILITATOR Shaft Uddin has spent the last 10 years creating juicy spaces for people to connect worldwide from intimate retreats to large festivals. His primary focus is safety, to allow people to relax their nervous system so they can relax into themselves. No more judging or shaming others… but most importantly no more judging or shaming yourself. He is a certified Somatic Trauma Therapist and has worked with high-performance clients in his field in transformation. He loves the power of presence, passion and playfulness to open people up to their full potential as a Coach. His work supporting men and women overcome trauma around sexuality is recognized by millions with his viral content and work with major TV channels and press. Working with Shaft and attending his events people have experienced life-changing results gaining bulletproof confidence by overcoming fear, guilt, and shame around their bodies and sexuality so they now thrive living a more fulfilled and abundant life with deep committed relationships. View one of his viral videos which reached 15 Million people here: FOLLOW HIM ON IG // BOOK A SESSION WITH HIM // EVENTS // SUBSCRIBE TO HIS CHANNEL // BUY HIS ONLINE COURSE - The School of Self Love //

fredag, 13. december 2019, Ekskaret Klustret, Conscious Ways to Connect

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