Building Simulation-based Applications using R shiny and mrgsolve, Stockholm, måndag, 10. juni 2019

This is a 2 day workshop, 9am - 4:30 Monday and Tuesday.
We will provide a guided hands-on experience in the use of the R package mrgsolve (). mrgsolve is a free, open source, validated R package to facilitate simulation from hierarchical, ODE-based PK/PD and systems pharmacology models frequently employed in pharmaceutical research and development programs. You will code, execute, and summarize PK, PK/PD simulations using mrgsolve and R.  On day two, we will introduce the shiny framework, building on the modeling techniques we’ve learned in day one to develop a number of dashboards and applications that allow the modeling results to be controlled and visualized through interactive user interfaces.  
Materials Provided by Metrum: Metworx user login (with 1-week access post-workshop), course slides, data and code for all examples.  
Requirements for Attendees: Knowledge and experience in PKPD modeling and simulation, nonlinear mixed effects modeling and the use of R (or S-PLUS).  
Participants should bring a laptop that meets the following requirements:

Browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
Internet access via Wi-Fi

Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

Code ODE-based models in mrgsolve format 

Work with mrgsolve model objects and simulation output 

Create simulations of varying complexity, using event objects and simulation data sets 

Create population simulations that incorporate uncertainty in the parameters to address questions in drug development 

Build and develop shiny applications
Combine mrgsolve and shiny to develop interactive decision-support tools

måndag, 10. juni 2019, Stockholm, Building Simulation-based Applications using R shiny and mrgsolve

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