1 day design course: Learning by doing Service Design, Scandic Victoria Tower, onsdag, 29. januari 2020

We firmly believe that working from a user-centred perspective increases the probability for successful and cost-efficient projects. According to McKinsey, companies that take a good design approach to business outperform the relative industry-benchmark growth by as much as two to one. Despite this, 40% of companies still do not include the end user in development projects – in other words they neglect the service design phase of development.
In our service design course, we introduce you to the basics of service design, and help you get an understanding of why talking to customers and challenging your assumptions about them is critical for delivering an amazing customer experience. But we won’t be lecturing about this, you’ll be learning by doing.
Course Content
The one-day course revolves around solving a challenge for a well-known service provider. As a service designer for a day, you will interview customers, map the customer journey, and identify new opportunities for improving the customer experience. No matter what business you’re in, you can always benefit from service design.
To aid you in this process we will walk through the foundation of customer-centred development, discuss interview techniques and fast data analysis, as well as doing fun idea generation exercises. By the end of the day, you will have designed and created a valid prototype for the challenge. Our course is great for new inspiration and networking!
Key takeaways
You get an insight into the service designers world, including a good understanding of how service design projects are run and the value of working with human-centred design. This includes insights into:

The design process and how it can be applied
Interviewing techniques and observations
How to map the customer journey
How to generate lots of creative ideas in a short space of time
Creative ways to make fast and simple prototypes
What’s needed to think in a customer-centered way

The course includes:
Daresay goodie bag including simple exercises to take home
The basics of Service Design (PDF presentation)
Lunch + Snacks
Who should attend the course?
This course is ideal for Business Managers, Business Developers, Product Owners, Innovation Leads, Project Leaders, and all other people working with digital, product development, marketing and the customer experience.
You should be curious about Service Design and want to learn more about what it means and how to work in a customer-centred manner. No previous experience is necessary.
*To get the most of this course we recommend that you attend the course with a colleague that you can apply your new found skills with in your organisation.
The course fee is 4800 ex VAT. 
The course fee can be paid by invoice or Swish. To submit your interest is free, it's only when you confirm your booking and attend the course, there will be a fee. 
"It's fascinating to see how far you can get in just one day"
"When you get to the point of daring to approach a stranger, you realize how much information you can gather from a few well-constructed questions"
"A very inspiring and well-organized course, high tempo and it never gets boring!"

For other questions or if you want to join the course another time contact:
Malin Sundin,
Marketing Coordinator, Daresay,
+46 762391076

onsdag, 29. januari 2020, Scandic Victoria Tower, 1 day design course: Learning by doing Service Design

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